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Shineywise creates business solutions with AI & ML

We use our AI experience to help clients convert their data into business value across various industries—deploying AI technologies around NLP, computer vision, and text processing. Our clients have realized significant value in their supply chain management (SCM), pricing, product bundling and development, and personalization and recommendations capabilities among many others. 

Our AI service offerings

AI Implementation Strategy

Get an AI strategy that aligns to your business goals. Our experts have mastered the art of applying AI at scale and will build your custom AI strategy roadmap, proof of concepts, scalable AI infrastructure, and production-grade AI solution deployment.

Depending on your business priorities, we’ll use a unique model methodology to maximize value realization for your AI solution. Through use case selection, applicability and feasibility of implementation, and other important factors we’ll guide you towards a decision where AI rewards your time and effort investment and your company’s data trains models that suit you best.

Our experts, having spent time at some of the top AI hyperscalers and established AI technology firms, know exactly how to develop, test, and deploy the right technologies to deliver the best value for you.

With Shineywise’s AI Strategy Implementation services, we’ll help you realize and identify the highest value opportunities from implementing AI solutions into your business.

Our AI implementation strategy details:

  • AI strategy roadmap – validate feasibility of using AI for identified set of use cases, analysis of data availability, and possibility of data monetization
  • AI technology implementation – identify the right toolset for your AI initiatives, and establish methods and processes to achieve reliable MLOps and ModelOps

Data Engineering

Your data is your most valuable asset. With our extensive experience, and technical expertise with emerging technologies, we’ll build you a well-defined and integrated approach to identifying, managing, and using your internal and external structured and unstructured data.

Enterprises understand that data is one of the most valuable assets they have. It’s the key driver for the implementation of AI solutions that provide predictable outcomes. To get that implementation right, you need the right quality and quantity of data—in the hands of our experts—to train your AI models, including:

  • Identifying the right toolset for ingesting and processing your data
  • Automating and implementing data pipelines for your models
  • Identifying the need for synthetic data and create solutions for generating data

We understand the importance of data diversity, security, and privacy to ensure enterprise production-grade quality for your AI deployments. And while a challenge for others, we ensure proper bias identification and fairness in the data used for your solutions.

With Shineywise’s AI Data Engineering services, we’ll help you realize and identify the highest value opportunities from implementing AI solutions into your business.

Our data engineering tools include:

  • Data warehouse: BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift
  • Data quality: Great Expectations, Google Dataplex, AWS Glue
  • Data analytics: Mode, Google Data Studio/Looker, Amazon Kinesis
  • Data pipelines: Vertex AI pipelines, Cloud Dataflow, AWS Data pipelines
  • Data pipelines schedulers: Airflow, Cloud Scheduler, Amazon Codepipeline

AI Transformation Accelerator

Your AI transformation in just 30 days.

Quickly identify viable solutions for your use cases and be sure about the value in pursuing AI technology implementation at your company—limit your investment risk by leveraging Shineywise’s established framework.

AI Transformation Accelerator is a 4-week time-boxed engagement to investigate and evaluate the potential impact of AI for your organization.

AI Transformation Accelerator service includes:

  • Defining your business problems solvable with AI and data-driven solutions
  • Establishing improvement metrics and identifying ROI frameworks for your AI solutions
  • Defining a solution space of internal/external data sources, model classes, and offline/online tech solutions
  • Creating a roadmap for implementation
  • Building POC models based on your existing data

ML Operations

Discover automated processes that scale. Our experts can help you automate your models for continuous, repeatable processes and free up your resources for building and training—eliminating infrastructure setup, management, and maintenance concerns.

A key machine learning best practice is establishing scalable, repeatable, continuous, automated processes so productivity is spent on building and training models, not on infrastructure setup, management, and maintenance.

Our experts can automate the entire process of model development, training, testing, validation, and deployment for your business—identifying the right technology set and implementing a robust solution that effortlessly scales to your business requirements.

Our MLOps tools include:

  • ML feature monitoring: Arize, Great expectations, Amazon Cloudwatch
  • ML model monitoring: Arize, Vertex AI model monitoring, Sagemaker Model monitor

ML Model Development

The right model makes all the difference. With our significant experience in building, training, and deploying AI models, we know how to take the right data and produce accurate, usable results for lifetime value for your business.

When it comes to model development, establishing the value of invested effort is critical in your AI implementation journey. Your business goals may require simpler prediction models using established technologies, or emerging technology implementation and complex model development. Regardless, we take into account your full life cycle view to make sure the models we develop and deploy for your business provide value for years to come.

With Shineywise’s ML Model Development service, you’ll get accurate, usable results from your models—built, trained, tested, and deployed using best-in-class open source and commercial tools.

Our model development, training, testing, and deployment tools include:

  • ML version control: DVC, Pachyderm
  • Hyperparameter optimization: Oputna, SigOpt, Vertex AI, Amazon Sagemaker, Azure ML
  • ML pipeline scheduler: Airflow, Kubeflow, Amazon Sagemaker pipelines, Azure ML pipelines
  • ML training: Vertex AI, Amazon Sagemaker, Azure ML

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