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Additions to Mobile Java Android app utilizing GET API Call

July 3, 2024
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Project Description

I currently have a mobile android app that makes a GET API call, and I would like to add a couple parameters to the GET call as well as add a login screen for the user. See below on objectives.

1. Build login screen, valid credentials will be determined by the code, so no user creation.

2.Once a successful login occurs the username and password that will be passed in the GET call will change depending on which user logs in. As an example, if a valid user login is “login1” then in the background the username passed in the API would be “loginnamefor1” or something like that. And then “login2” would pass “loginnamefor2” and so on. So I will control the credentials passed in API depending on the user that is logging in.

3. Once a successful login occurs it will take them to the main page which will have a text field box where they can fill out a value that will also be part of the GET call.

The goal would be to get invalid credentials back as I will work on getting the correct credentials on my own. But once that happens I will know it is working. Please provide rough hour estimate on this if possible.

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