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You will get integration between Salesforce and AWS

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Service Description

We are excited to announce that our company has integrated Salesforce with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with an even more powerful cloud-based solution. This integration provides features such as:

Data transfer: Large data migration is made easy with this integration. You can upload single files up to 200MB and multiple files up to 150MB without any restrictions.

Ease of file migration: With this integration, users can easily drag and drop files as well as customize it as per their requirements. Users can also automate this process and save themselves from manual effort.

Error Handling: We store errors in detail for easy identification. Rest assured you will always be aware if there are any errors in file migration and can easily get it resolved.

Successful migration: Upon receiving the AWS URL, files get deleted from your Salesforce, thus, ensuring your storage capacity isn’t wasted.