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Fix Ruby-on-Rails app performance issues on Heroku

July 3, 2024
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Project Description

We have a Ruby on Rails app running on Heroku (precise stack defined below). We have a memory issue and a lot of R14 (and ultimately H12) errors are happening when our app is used (cfr attached screenshots). During a working day, we only have between 5 and 25 active users at the same time on our web app (+ 10 to 50 active visitors on the website, which is also served by the Rails app). We do have a staging environment (on Heroku as well) but those performance issues do not appear (because no one is using this app heavily and database is very light). Our app has unit and integration tests. Test coverage is ~40%. I’ll be happy to share any additional info that can help! Tech stack: Ruby 3.2.2 Rails 7 Heroku stack 22 – Standard-2X dynos (1 GB RAM) JawsDB MariaDB Whitetip plan

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Sanjeet Das

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I'm a skilled Ruby on Rails developer with experience enhancing app performance. I can analyze your application, identify bottlenecks, and implement solutions to improve speed and efficiency. Let's discuss your specific needs.
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