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Lead Full Stack Developer for Digital Therapy Platform

July 1, 2024
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Project Description

Position Overview Full-time / Remote (Must be willing to overlap at least 4 hours with PST) Are you a developer who thrives under pressure, loves tackling complex challenges, and isn’t afraid of high-stakes, fast-paced environments? If you’re looking for a 9-to-5 comfort zone, this is not the position for you. We’re building the future of digital therapy, and we want someone who’s as audacious as we are. We’re seeking a Full Stack Developer who can not only survive but excel in our high-intensity, weekly sprint-cycle setting. Your core responsibilities will involve a full ownership cycle: from Figma designs to React-based front-end development, back-end architecture, and finally, mobile deployment. Location: Remote (Must be willing to overlap at least 4 hours with PST) Employment Type: Full Time Core Objectives 1. Code Like a Surgeon Commit to translating high-fidelity Figma designs into pixel-perfect UI components. There’s no room for unfixed bugs; our users expect nothing less than brilliance. 2. React, But Don’t Blink You will make minor to moderate product changes in a React-based web application hosted on Heroku. You should be able to adapt quickly to codebase changes.. 3. Mobile-First, Literally Port our existing web application into a mobile-responsive view. Once you’ve tackled that, you’ll spearhead the journey to publish our app on various app stores. What You Should Bring – Experience: Minimum 3 years in full-stack development – Tech Stack: Mastery of React, Node.js, Webflow, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Tools: Git, Heroku, CI/CD pipelines, APIs – Soft Skills: Strong communication, high adaptability, and a relentless drive – Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience) or proven projects. What We Offer – A challenge to build a hyper-growth company with A players – A fast-paced, high-growth environment where you’ll be expected to rise to the occasion – Competitive salary and equity options – An opportunity to make a real impact in a field that can genuinely better people’s lives Are You Ready? If you feel invigorated and excited by the unknown, and are ready to jump into the high-paced world of a groundbreaking digital therapy platform, apply now.

Your Proposals (3)

Venuraj Avuthu

5.0 (1 Review)
Senior Developer (6+ yrs) with MNC experience seeking freelance Full Stack role for Digital Therapy Platform. Proven ability to manage complex projects and deliver results. Eager to leverage problem-solving skills for your platform's success.
in 150 hours


4.0 (1 Review)
Experienced freelance developer with a passion for PHP and web development. I can lead your project to success. Let's discuss how my full-stack expertise can elevate your development goals.
in 116 hours

Harshit Singhal

5.0 (1 Review)
As a Lead Full Stack Developer, I offer a wealth of experience in guiding teams to deliver complex web applications. My hands-on approach ensures high-quality code and efficient project management, resulting in successful and timely project completion.
in 100 hours

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